The Ministry of Aquaman

from Better Eat Your Wheaties by Grandpa Loves Rhinos



you dragged him down into a wishing well
i guess it’s your wish to hide him under the water
it refracts your face and contracts a space
some distance aside from all others

I won’t follow in and I won’t throw money
my 2 cents won’t help you here
plus the water’s lookin chili
and I don’t wanna mess up my hair

could it be that what i need
is just a little nudge along?
cuz i could use a “3,2,1”

so, guess i’ll dive in slow
with risk of drowning underneath
aqua man, if i find you, you better help me breath

no scuba gear
and 2000 years
king the 7 seas and creatures of the deep
you’re so misunderstood
they setup a zoo
submariner zombies and ghouls
lets find atlantis before the robots do

you need to help me breath

when you drank his blood did you,
did you become like aquaman
or did you turn into another underwater vampire


from Better Eat Your Wheaties, released September 7, 2018


all rights reserved



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