Swing Set Summer

from Last Place by Must Build Jacuzzi



I’m getting flashbacks out of 2003, at a younger me on the playground taking to Reese. We asked ourselves what we wanted to be when we both grew up. I never thought that even now, I still don’t know.
There used to be a playground where the shopping mall now stands, and the dirt road that we used to get there is covered in concrete and empty soda cans. We chalked up the blacktop, swam across the lake. We rode our bikes around the block until it got too late. My friends are changing more than I think I am.
(Chorus) If my 12 year old me, met my current self, would I see what I wanted or somebody else. Every time that I pass by the corner of Second Street and Main, I see a kid with fire in his eyes. They look a lot like mine, or at least they used to.
Help me. I am not the same kid I was then, remembering places in my hometown that I’ll never see again. We drove down the same roads that lead us home all those years ago.
(Bridge) Lately things are working out. Maybe I could come back home.


from Last Place, released April 27, 2018


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