Something About Lou

from Searching In The Sarchasm by Grandpa Loves Rhinos



I’ve got some beef with my neighbor building his new shed
he blocked my view so naturally I wish that he was dead
stop and go in this traffic, people make me insane
at least when I get home I’ll sit, relax, and watch the game
why did he pass it? there was only 1 minute left!
and is this ref on the other team and both blind and deaf?
I’m gonna lose it again

some people say “won't you let it go?”
“these inconsequential things you can't control"
what they don’t know is if I keep on screaming
I’ll convince myself things are fixin’

I’m howling for no good reason
might be a full moon or just my feelings
you might say I’ve got so much to live for but I can’t help feeling
all the bad breaks and wrongs of the world

can you believe what he posted on twittergram?
and it's been raining since last Tuesday morning, 5am
I was born about 34 years too late
that’s why my moves and game are all worn out, no second date
why won't she love me? I’m the nicest and humblest
ignore the cabbage smell, fedoras should make you impressed
they don’t know I exist

some people say "won’t you let it go?”
"all these things you totally can't control"
I know there's cancer, and famine, and earthquakes
if i get mad enough I’ll save myself from bad breaks

why won't you shut up, you are so ungrateful
how could you have it all but still sound so hateful?
hey, Lou Gehrig, he always knew
he had it taken all away but still felt gratitude

some people say "won’t you let it go?”
“all these things you totally can't control"
if I keep screaming you know what will happen?
yes, absolutely nothing
I’m howling for no good reason, I’m just happy cause I’m still breathing
you should say I’ve got so much to live for
cause even with bad breaks I’m the luckiest man in the world


from Searching In The Sarchasm, released August 7, 2020


all rights reserved



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