Shrink Ray

from Burn The Boats by Mainframe



Thirteen years of R&D
Fourteen thousand trillion in hard currency
They put the brightest and the best
Up to the world’s greatest test
To invent the most powerful tool in all history

Shrink ray, the object was simple
Shrink ray, the motivation clear
It took all our time and money, now the future is here

Thirteen years of bargaining
Credits, bonds, and loans, and hard marketing
To get the populace on board
Seeking the world’s greatest reward
To invest in the most potent tool in all history

They didn’t point it at the warring state
They didn’t think to zap the problem of hate
They didn’t point it at the national debt
They didn’t target the apocalyptic threat

We knew from the start it could only be fired one time
Just one chance to get in our sights what we’d minimalize
To be rid of the terror of mankind’s artery clot
From the beginning we only ever had one shot

Shrink ray, we’ve got a camel in the crosshairs
Shrink ray, gonna shrink this sucker down
and send him through the eye of a needle
So we can all go on
It took all our time and money
We spent all our time and money
It cost all our heart and soul, now the future is here


from Burn The Boats, released April 13, 2018


all rights reserved



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