Shot Through The Window

from Last Place by Must Build Jacuzzi



All is quiet in the halls not a sound or a whisper at all, but the blood stains on the floor tell the tale of last night’s events. The next day the morning paper read “The Man Who Owned The Mansion On The Hill Was Found Dead” “Who could have done this?” they said.
So he took to the streets with his brief case in hand straight to New York City without a job or a plan. His wife took the kids and the house by the lake and left him with nothing. How could this be fate? When out from an alley two men in black suits made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, a new life by the gun and a new name. When you’re desperate you’ll do anything. He sold his soul to the devil.
(Chorus) Run and run while you still can cause once they’ve sucked you in they’ll bleed you dry and they won’t stop till you’re dead.
The next few months they turned to years and by then his wallet multiplied along with the bullets. And when he’d had enough he left the mob and fled to the countryside he never knew this was the end. Then a knock on the door one stormy night and a shot through the window ends his life. (bridge) You did this to yourself.


from Last Place, released April 27, 2018


all rights reserved



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