Rendezvous At Stardust Motel

from Searching In The Sarchasm by Grandpa Loves Rhinos



that planet is a scary place
heffalumps and humans they await
to break your spine and face, laugh as you fall
captain, what should we do?

two billion fathoms into space
little men plot courses from their base
keeping secret what they do (covert mission)
an interstellar rendezvous with a stone
gliding that sleeps in the void
an innocuous body of an asteroid
the stone has no plan to seek and destroy
but they're gonna weaponize it, strap on rockets
change its course and watch it collide
that planet's gonna get what’s coming

well they deserve it so I don’t even care at all
look how they treat each other, all in the name of love
well they deserve it so I don't even care at all
look how they cheat each other, all in the name of love
you know I almost had some pity, savage, their brains are too small
but if they'd been more like us peaceful beings
we wouldn’t have had to kill them all

lie down, admire a heavenly body
Virgo, she glistens from a crescent motel lamp
in the breezeway, a foreign vibration
Orion approaches with a gun and a simple plan
gravitational love brings illegal intrigue through a heart with fatigue
the stone in the chamber knows not what it does
but it carries the burden of jealousy
the portal opens, a flash from yonder lights the figure of Virgo
her lover's grey matter all over the floor
both stones impact and they bore through the cores
that planet really got what’s coming

we're just aliens, and we like to play with laser beams
we're just aliens, and we like to feel supreme


from Searching In The Sarchasm, released August 7, 2020


all rights reserved



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