from Burn The Boats by Mainframe



I smelled a rat early on
Among the twelve I could be wrong
But when he leaned in to kiss my Lord
I was the first to pull the sword
Not me my Lord, though rabbits in the rush
All turned tail and scattered in the brush

It got cold in time, I can’t deny
The charcoals weren’t warm
But when the cock crowed thrice
I turned to ice and thought back to the storm
Call me out Lord, no one else would go and
You reached out and took ahold of a sinking man

The demons fled to swine
I saw the water turned to wine
But when the dogs would eat the crumbs
I knew the Son of Man had come
What’s this I’ve done? I said I’d never eat
You bent down and took a towel and stooped to wash my feet

The old men have dreamed the dreams
The young have seen the flame descend
The tigers ridicule the filled
But it’s only 9AM
I think it’s time we tell the tale, the truth,
The news, the history
The crowd is waiting for a glimpse into the holy mystery

Into which angels long to look
The Son of God we all mistook
But when the serpent struck his heel
It was the plan of God revealed
No longer sealed, the sheep who strayed the fold
Have now returned to the shepherd and overseer of their souls

Yoked to the ox we lumber on
The muddy furrows must be sown
We stand in faith and all await the building up of living stones
To see him thrown, the dragon in the pit
And hope that instinct-driven monkeys could somehow reach repentance

Come quickly, Lord! Riding a white horse!
We count your patience as salvation
Find us unspotted and at peace
We love you Lord! Made us reborn!
Into a living hope through your resurrection
You kept the treasure safe in heaven, Lord!


from Burn The Boats, released April 13, 2018


all rights reserved



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