Fostering Patience for Patients (Feat. Andrew Alojipan of Kept on Hold)

from Searching In The Sarchasm by Grandpa Loves Rhinos



hey, I’m just trying to help, I think you've mistaken the snake
that spirals up this rod, as the rattle that bit you
cause you were knocked unconscious when my ambulance just hit you
you’ve also lost a couple liters of blood
next time I’ll drive more carefully, but luckily I’m first on scene
and for you, I’ve got just what you need
Pokémon band aids and flintstone vitamin c

that’s all you'll need, for the venom and the trauma as you bleed
at least I think it’s all you'll need

I’m not giving up, even if you want me to and even if you punch and scream
I’m going on and on ’til your heart starts to beat

stop waving your arms you’re making this so much harder than it has to be
a real doctor's not as good as me
I’ve got so many lessons on how not to bleed
your vitals are slowing, your eye's they are rolling
well I know that's not my fault
and for you I know I’ve got just what you need
new hugs and varsity parenting

that’s all you'll need, I’m the best paramedic you'll meet
at least I think it's all you'll need

hey just halt right there young man
you can’t talk back and just go and die on me
you did this to yourself, I was just trying to help
ok I lost my cool today, I guess I’m not that great
it’s time to just give up

if only there was something bigger than us that won't give up
I’m so small, I think I should give it up
if only there was something bigger that could keep us up
I’m so small, I think I should give it up
if only there was love, bigger that could keep us up


from Searching In The Sarchasm, released August 7, 2020


all rights reserved



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