Expectations (Ft. Phil Carper of At The Wayside)

from Derby City EP by Homeplate



Verse 1
Let's try and push it off, reveal ourselves for the first time
Revealing my heart and soul to display this life of mine
The brokenness inside is crumbling and crumbling and
It's hard to get up when there is no mountain to climb
Someone here once told me that your life is what you make of it
And then they turned around and made me feel so different
I tried to change myself to make me like a better friend
But all I did was change the person that I should have been

I'll be fine, as long as I try

I'm sorry for all the confusion
About me and who I am now
I see we need new direction
If I don't live up to your expectation
It's cause I've run out of patience
I got tired of fakin' myself
I threw my mask in the harbor
I'm done humoring all of your desperation

Verse 2
Crushed inside, there is no guilt but mine.
Finding out that I can't really believe I'm not enough...
Or maybe I do?
I'm totally over this
Tryin' find my place with this
Pain gripping my headspace
Even though I try to think for me it really doesn't seem
That I can live blameless

You only cared about yourself
It's plain to see
Show your true colors I thought we were brothers
Well I'm prepared to cut the cord
With glass in hand
That ties us together forever and ever

Final Chorus
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I'm done humoring all of your desperation
What do you want now a standing ovation
I was so scared to reveal my foundation
You never would be my lasting salvation


from Derby City EP, released August 14, 2020


all rights reserved



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