Ties That Bind

by Mainframe

Ties that Bind This ain’t the UN here, you can tell it to me straight I’ll drop my diplomatic front and you can lay out all the hate And the frustration you feel about everything Let it out, it’s alright We are more than a loosely affiliated Wandering circle of stars The ties that have bound us together I’ll use To carry your burdens and bind up your scars Don’t take it personally if I call that jack a spade You’ve got a pair of aces in your hand that you really ought to play Upon the table of bluffers and wild cards Lay it out, it’s alright I’ll listen to you when you need me I’m coming to you with a loving word
Not Going Ahead Without You I know you’re scared, everything changed so suddenly Where we are, it’s so strange It’s like a nightmare to you and me I am not (not) going ahead without you But we are not (not) staying behind in this firestorm We are still a long way off from where I know we need to be So would you take my hand and move forward with me We’ve always connected The dots no matter how It’s been so long with such pain It’s like they’re spaced out too far now I am not (not) going ahead without you But we can not (not) stay behind in this firestorm I know you’ve locked (locked) up by instinct and are shutting down but please Would you take my hand, I will pull you up
Looking Up 03:48
Looking Up I’ve been outdone in kindness I’ve been outrun by the very dreams I tried to chase down Down, down, down, I’ve fallen short of the mark But now I’m looking up at a gray sky And believing that today Was not a wasted day I’ve been moshed in the mudpit I was totally sloshed by the very wave I tried to ride it on All the way to the stage, but I’m okay Now the calendar marks Spring, and I could use a new beginning If you’d pull me up and walk with me, I’d surely split the winnings Of a thousand against one, of a dim and distant song Before the moon and stars grow dark, the cricket drags himself along And like a soda bottle spilled out and seeping in the cracks I’ve fizzled out upon the cobblestone, lying flat upon my back But now I’m looking up...
Real Eyes 04:30
Real Eyes So many times when I look at something I’m looking through it and I’m seeing something more A back door to the portal of the true Is it a part of the microcosm? What’s the story from the back part of the room? Behind the blue If you can’t see it, then I’m gonna tell you how Put real eyes on the things you think are beautiful Put real eyes on the ones you know are wonderful Every man was once a boy in flip flops Every woman had her dreams upon a time Revolving doors that we’ve been through So how is it that the mountain climber Upon the summit is convinced now that he’s small? Beneath the blue You’ll see Him there, just like the moon When the shadowed path for a moment comes to view The double door, the spider’s web Take a deep, deep breath and let it get out of your head
Aperture 05:08
Aperture When it’s foggy out like this the sun looks just like the full moon on a cloudy mid-autumn I’m a stickler for punctuation, and I’ve never liked a loose translation I saw your light shine on through, and got a glimpse of the treasure Can’t seem to get a hold of it; increase my aperture The gray and the rain have begun to brew a full uneasy expectation It’s the kind of a thing if you’re wrong, you roll down the mountain deep into the valley strong I saw your light shine on through, and got a glimpse of the treasure Can’t seem to get a hold of it; increase my aperture I’ve seen the curtain-falling speed of a skyline sunset I’ve heard the echoed memories of a tragic regret Let your oil work in deep into the innermost parts Of my complex beating mechanical heart (and please start to increase my capacity) I plead the calling I received and vision strength for action I need at least a brief reprieve from the great distractions
Let the Trip Begin I stuffed my fears into the overhead bin Without a doubt, no I wouldn’t let them in Cuz I am getting on this train I am moving on again Pull the lever back and let the trip begin I’m far away from the green and auburn fields I’ve dodged the lies and blocked the fiery darts he wields And now I’m sitting on this train The future’s on the tracks again I’ve reclined the seat back, let the trip begin Who could dare say if I’ll be home in time for bed Cuz no one knows just when the yellow turns to red If all the magnetism fails The iron steel betrayed as tin I’m never looking back so let trip begin Feels like all I’ll ever know I fear it’s all I’ll ever know Seems like all I’ve ever known
Coffee Break 02:39
Coffee Break Mondays are always like this Coming in, you cannot fight this Feeling there is something wonderful and overwhelming to do For one thing, the weekend’s over And I’ve stumbled upon the two-leaf clover Of fear and excitement, wondering if I’ve got what what it takes today Before I go any further along... I’m gonna start this day with a coffee break Catching up with what the guys are doing before getting down to the grind I’m gonna start this day with a coffee break Checking out to let the brain start brewing back into a frame of mind Every strength that I’ve applied Is a step toward becoming qualified For the work I’m busy doing, ruining the amateur inside For one thing, I’ve learned to listen And apply the lessons that I’ve been given In the school of knocks and failures, they all root for me today Whatever terror waits in the inbox Whatever lion comes out of the gate I’ll meet with with grace and courage I won’t back down from my fate Because God himself has placed me here To glorify his name And what’s a man, a job, a place in time, when the arrow’s taken aim?


Ties that Bind
Press Release

Mainframe is a four-piece punk rock band bound together in the pursuit of what’s right. Members Noah (vox, guitar), Naomi (bass), Drew (drums), and Rachel (guitar, BGVs) met up in the Far East, where they decided to join up, plug in, and send a shout out to the world.

“Ties that Bind” is the band’s third melodic new school set list, busting out with more of the sincere energy you heard on the self-titled and “Burn the Boats” EPs. Mainframe likes it loud and edgy, and this EP was driven by an undeniable yearning.

There are two themes that jump out in these songs: First, helping each other up and along. Friends and relatives gotta be there for each other and press on together. Second, a longing for deeper insight into God’s truth. We can see something of Him in the beautiful things around us, yet we need God to open our eyes to see Him more fully.

The final two tracks showcase the “unplugged” side of Mainframe. I guess this is what the band would sound like on an acoustic stage!

1. Ties that Bind
2. Not Going Ahead Without You
3. Looking Up
4. Real Eyes
5. Aperture
6. Let the Trip Begin
7. Coffee Break


released November 9, 2019

Instagram: @mainframepunk



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