Searching In The Sarchasm

by Grandpa Loves Rhinos

Gimme, Gimme 03:40
I need a brand new wagon, new clothes that i can brag in whiskey to make me talk like Clint Eastwood and i want something sweet, caffeine and nicotine I want a golden goose and i want it right now pterodactyl, mastodon, I want that sabertooth cause I need the entire collection, triceratops, tyrannosaur oh I want it all, I want the megazord give me, give me, gimme, gimme, gimme everything I need something to make me feel happy that dose ran out, now i need something new in my routine cause I’m addicted to dopamine I want some recognition, a trophy just for living make me an app that moves the straw straight to my mouth I wanna watch one more season and take naps for no reason I want a golden goose and I want it right now earth and fire, wind and water, I want the heart cause my world needs a captain planet but I’m a hungry hungry hungry hippo, so feed me marbles ’til i choke I’m gonna scroll down just one more page I’m gonna turn off my phone just give me one more day at least I’m not on hard drugs as well I’m just addicted to everything else I’m feeling better, I’ll be okay, I’m just kidding, give me everything
hey, I’m just trying to help, I think you've mistaken the snake that spirals up this rod, as the rattle that bit you cause you were knocked unconscious when my ambulance just hit you you’ve also lost a couple liters of blood next time I’ll drive more carefully, but luckily I’m first on scene and for you, I’ve got just what you need Pokémon band aids and flintstone vitamin c that’s all you'll need, for the venom and the trauma as you bleed at least I think it’s all you'll need I’m not giving up, even if you want me to and even if you punch and scream I’m going on and on ’til your heart starts to beat stop waving your arms you’re making this so much harder than it has to be a real doctor's not as good as me I’ve got so many lessons on how not to bleed your vitals are slowing, your eye's they are rolling well I know that's not my fault and for you I know I’ve got just what you need new hugs and varsity parenting that’s all you'll need, I’m the best paramedic you'll meet at least I think it's all you'll need hey just halt right there young man you can’t talk back and just go and die on me you did this to yourself, I was just trying to help ok I lost my cool today, I guess I’m not that great it’s time to just give up if only there was something bigger than us that won't give up I’m so small, I think I should give it up if only there was something bigger that could keep us up I’m so small, I think I should give it up if only there was love, bigger that could keep us up
born a slave to die, Spartacus Kirk Douglas he’s got a sword by his side and his future’s looking a little brighter but roman reach divide, leader of men can you imagine the father he would have been? but they seized him and killed him before his child and I know the “how” and the “when” but the “why” I can’t seem to comprehend if I could just say I’m Spartacus, come off that cross, stay with us I keep asking, “are you satisfied?” if you’re not then, why’d he have to die? is it just for your complex story line? just tell me, why’d he have to die? back to modern times right now grandfather clock design, aural advice, I have relied on his chime but his chambers speak of spontaneous combustion and they blew up last night his heart - it quit beating - just stopped, expired time the weights are too heavy now, that was his job but he died and I know the “how” and the “when” but the “why” I can’t seem to comprehend his hands and face aren't moving, say something, anything hey, I know, what you’re feeling like but you don’t understand what I’m doing with your life are you not stronger now? what I did to him I did for….you but you’ll never know, cause it’s all about what’s best for you but you only feel what’s right in front of you, right now
Adolf Hitler, he played call of duty on Friday nights when he lost at Nazi zombies, that made him rage quit his whole life and Genghis Khan, before he destroyed an entire population spent decades playing age of empires in his mother's basement Wikipedia and history books they got it wrong it was never about power or terror all along turn it off or else you'll end up the same that Mario, that Tetris will make you go insane video games they cause violence and fighting it's not because humans are sick and they're crying no it’s got to be the gaming, turn it off is what I’m saying i think we got to pause the gaming now Jeffrey Dahmer, he played mortal kombat at the arcade the way scorpion's spear penetrates Lui Kang felt way too great and Billy the Kid, his favorite console was the Xbox one before killing sheriffs he would turn it on to red dead redemption why are those birds so angry, why are you old birds always angry? I guess if you had fledglings that were violent too you'd want something to blame and someone to hang so slingshot at the pigs and blocks, your points will eventually come across but the chicks will fall right from the nest if they don't get warmth beneath your breast, find the scape goat, pull back and fire Eric Harris and Dylan shooting columbine they played doom and quake together in their spare time but there's something deeper, something more than simple games there was a chemical disease, illness in their brains Wikipedia and history books they got it right it was always about mental health and suicide and the irony is when you say games are the problem it makes me want to punch you in the throat even harder
I’ve worked this mine going on centuries at least fighting orcs and dust, trolls and rust and every cavernous beast cause I’ve been searching for some precious gems so long I never knew, I had ‘em up above all along I’ve got the diamonds in the night sky and emeralds in your eyes I’ve got the gold of your hair these gems I’ll keep forever I’ve got the diamonds in the night sky the sapphire ocean tide the ruby beating in your chest these gems I’ll keep forever I’ve hunted dragons and it's always been the same one goes down then there's a bigger one to hunt in its place the treasure is nice but the feeling dies oh it dies so soon you've got perfect clarity cut and shape, that shape and clarity
that planet is a scary place heffalumps and humans they await to break your spine and face, laugh as you fall captain, what should we do? two billion fathoms into space little men plot courses from their base keeping secret what they do (covert mission) an interstellar rendezvous with a stone gliding that sleeps in the void an innocuous body of an asteroid the stone has no plan to seek and destroy but they're gonna weaponize it, strap on rockets change its course and watch it collide that planet's gonna get what’s coming well they deserve it so I don’t even care at all look how they treat each other, all in the name of love well they deserve it so I don't even care at all look how they cheat each other, all in the name of love you know I almost had some pity, savage, their brains are too small but if they'd been more like us peaceful beings we wouldn’t have had to kill them all lie down, admire a heavenly body Virgo, she glistens from a crescent motel lamp in the breezeway, a foreign vibration Orion approaches with a gun and a simple plan gravitational love brings illegal intrigue through a heart with fatigue the stone in the chamber knows not what it does but it carries the burden of jealousy the portal opens, a flash from yonder lights the figure of Virgo her lover's grey matter all over the floor both stones impact and they bore through the cores that planet really got what’s coming we're just aliens, and we like to play with laser beams we're just aliens, and we like to feel supreme
a little coffee and the smell of holiday cinnamon rolls the sofa's softer with a blanket and pillow and dog laugher bounced off the frames that hang on these four walls and we'd gather closer, light a fire, whenever we got cold but now it's so empty with change I used to think that this house seemed great, but… it's not home without you, it’s not home if you're not here when I wake up and I’m all alone, this place ain’t home you've had a long day and I strangely wanna hear you complain just to hear your voice, it makes me melt (ah) and drip away I could use some cold toes on my shin underneath the sheets you see, just to know you're there helps me forget about everything if we blast off to live on a star I know I’ll be warm cause home's where you are I wish you’d come back home
I’ve got some beef with my neighbor building his new shed he blocked my view so naturally I wish that he was dead stop and go in this traffic, people make me insane at least when I get home I’ll sit, relax, and watch the game why did he pass it? there was only 1 minute left! and is this ref on the other team and both blind and deaf? I’m gonna lose it again some people say “won't you let it go?” “these inconsequential things you can't control" what they don’t know is if I keep on screaming I’ll convince myself things are fixin’ I’m howling for no good reason might be a full moon or just my feelings you might say I’ve got so much to live for but I can’t help feeling all the bad breaks and wrongs of the world can you believe what he posted on twittergram? and it's been raining since last Tuesday morning, 5am I was born about 34 years too late that’s why my moves and game are all worn out, no second date why won't she love me? I’m the nicest and humblest ignore the cabbage smell, fedoras should make you impressed they don’t know I exist some people say "won’t you let it go?” "all these things you totally can't control" I know there's cancer, and famine, and earthquakes if i get mad enough I’ll save myself from bad breaks why won't you shut up, you are so ungrateful how could you have it all but still sound so hateful? hey, Lou Gehrig, he always knew he had it taken all away but still felt gratitude some people say "won’t you let it go?” “all these things you totally can't control" if I keep screaming you know what will happen? yes, absolutely nothing I’m howling for no good reason, I’m just happy cause I’m still breathing you should say I’ve got so much to live for cause even with bad breaks I’m the luckiest man in the world


Indie Vision Music is proud to present the new album from Grandpa Loves Rhinos led by the new single, “Gimme, Gimme”. This diverse and eclectic set of songs found on the upcoming album, “Searching in The Sarchasm” (yes spelled like that on purpose), is something profoundly different yet falls in line with all the bands you love. You can cruise on a warm summer day down the highway with your hair blowing in the wind and a smile on your face. Or you can settle in next to a fire, cuddling up with someone you love dearly, listening to the crackling and being comforted by a warm blanket. These are songs for everyone and songs you can’t help but appreciate. “Gimme, Gimme” is one of those perfect summer songs that’ll get you amped up for a day at the beach, lake, or maybe even gym. It’s got those addictive melodies, sing-a-long parts, and plenty of sly, witty sarcasm to make you stop and think.
The rest of the songs found on this new album are nothing short of extraordinary from a band you’ve probably never heard but see the name and go, “well that’s different”. Songs like “Fostering Patience for Patients” (Featuring Andrew Alojipan of Kept On Hold), and “Why’d He Have To Die” (Featuring Jake Olexyn of The Burden) show that this band isn’t afraid to collaborate and feature rising talent to enhance the sound of their songs, pushing them in new and exciting directions. The song “It’s Gotta Be The Gaming” is one you don’t want to miss. It has a profound message stretched across the upbeat song showing people that mental health issues are very real, and that you can’t always shift blame to other objects like gaming just because the masses and perpetrators happen to have that in common. We live in a lost broken, hurting world in need of love. Gaming is not the problem; hurting, pain, mental illness, and suicide certainly is.

Grandpa Loves Rhinos tip their hat proudly at nostalgia, at things many of us cling to. In that tongue in cheek humor, the sarcasm, and the references, is a story about our human nature. Our quest to find hope in a world searching for meaning. We are all just hanging on, clinging to a life that once meant so much. In the anxiety about tomorrow, we turn to music to ease our suffering. Music from Grandpa Loves Rhinos does just that and so much more. Give this fun band with a unique name a listen and leave your troubles behind. Sit back, relax, and strap on for the ride because this summer won’t be a summer without Grandpa Loves Rhinos. – Brandon Jones/IVM


released August 7, 2020

From Grandpa Loves Rhinos about both new singles…

“Gimme, Gimme” is about addiction; not overt and blatant drug addiction. No. Instead, it’s about subtle, insidious consumer and social addiction born and bred in the ‘I-want-it-right-now’ culture. We are all searching for happiness in the material world, looking for the next new fun thing to do, the next new friend, the next new show to binge, the next new car, and never feeling complete or satisfied. This song is about everyone. You. Me. Your pastor. Your neighbor. Your kids. Everyone has something that they’re addicted to - no matter how small or socially acceptable it is - and it will never fill the void in their heart. You’ll always want something else and something more. It’s sucking us away from what’s important in life; loving each other and a relationship with God. Hopefully this song is another chance for self-examination and the things we can’t shake won't fill the void only God can. Take moment to be hopeful that we can grow and change ourselves with God. #newmusic #poppunk #newsingle #ListenAnywhere

Meaning behind Fostering Patience with Patients:

My wife and I did foster care for a year…and it messed us up.
It started with excitement as a noble call from God to help the broken kids out there. We wanted to break their cycle of trauma – stop hurt people from hurting people. We knew it would be tough but, hey, we were awesome parents, super capable and loving.

Foster care sucks. It sucks for everyone: the kids, the biological parents, the foster parents, and the state workers. These foster kids needed so much, and we gave and gave and gave over and over. Despite all the training,our parenting and attempts at showing love, it felt like the kids pretty much rejected everything we had to offer. We invited hurt, depressed, abusive, and disruptive people into our home. What ensued was total madness. You are not responsible for all the sin that these kids inherited or went through but you get to deal with all the consequences.

Despite our best efforts, it left me feeling very hopeless and angry that these kids might not become all that I wanted them to be. After getting ignored, spat in the face, punched, disrespected, our biological kids being hurt by the foster kids, you think things that make you realize ‘I’m no saint’. All I wanted to do was help. It humbled us also to think that we're not these perfect, loving, awesome parents.

The short story is that after a year I made the decision to put in our notice that we couldn’t do it anymore. It felt like we gave up our lives for these kids for a year, and then gave up on them because I wanted my life back. The stress of it was too much and my mental health was not in a good place. I have to hope that some good came out of a year of what felt like torture. I was messed up thinking about how much I grew to dislike them for ‘ruining my happiness’. Then came the guilt of taking care of myselfand my family above other people who actually need help. I’m still left with the thought of what God would have me it even about me? Should I be able to just fight through the feelings of misery, hardship, depression? If not me, who is going to care for the unwanted kids? Who will care for the abandoned kid and show them that they matter?

Although it was maybe one of the worst years of my adult life, the three things I learned where this: 1) “love” is an action (taking care of them, welcoming them into your home, driving them places, trying to teach them things)that doesn’t have to go along with a good feeling despite what I felt day to day (inconvenienced, uncaring, not appreciated, etc.); 2) It shows me how incredible the love that God has for his kids when we do the same thing to him, yet he never fails, never leaves, never stops loving us; and 3) We need more foster parents. I could only give 1 year before it took me out. Just because I got wounded and taken out of the war doesn’t mean I’m a bad soldier. It means I need to get healing, send reinforcements to jump into the fight after me, and maybe I’ll be able to get back in it someday.

The song describes our experience of foster care…trying to help someone who is seriously hurt (and fighting your help) with some inadequate methods because we thought we were awesome. In the end, we gave up. If only there was something bigger than us that won’t give up. Good news, there is.

If you’re into bands like Emery, State Champs, Number One Gun, Acceptance, Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals, The Dangerous Summer, Third Eye Blind, then you’ll appreciate the eclectic sounds on this new Grandpa Loves Rhinos album.


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