by No Lost Cause



Indie Vision Music and Thumper Punk Records are proud to present the 3rd Ep set of songs from Florida transplant by way of New Jersey, pop-punk-rock-ska hybrid act – No Lost Cause. This new Ep is titled “P.S.” and is a loving reminder of God’s love for us all and the hope that flows from that instant connection one has with the Lord. This hybrid style of music will please fans new and old to those great sounds of bands like Goldfinger, Blink-182, Pennywise, Slick Shoes, Fireflight, RED, and even 311. When we say DIFFERENT, we mean it!

Grab this fantastic Ep from IVM and Thumper Punk on December 6th. Ep will be available on both CD and Digital from both places.




released December 6, 2019

Rob Jensen - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Dango Cellan – Drums

Thanks: Jesus Christ, first and foremost in all things, my wife, Stina, my kids, Trin and Josh, David at Thumper Punk Records, Brandon at Indie Vision Music, Sef Idle for his hard work and making me sound way better than I am, my old bandmates Scott (and his family) and Gene, Brian Fischer, Dustin Orazi, John Purcell, Pastor Dave, Brian, and everyone at Vital, Peter and his wife Janine (Peter118 is amazing!), Jet Wilson, Johnnyboy, Harvey and family, John Carroll, The Hodgsons (I love you guys and you’re always in my prayers, you’re the best Gabriel!), my Mom and Rich, Tim Ewing at Kindred Ministries, Ted, Sam, and the rest of The Extreme Tour, and to anyone I’ve forgotten (I ALWAYS do), I sincerely apologize. Thank you all for inspiring me, encouraging me, and just being an all around blessing to me in one way or another. I’m truly blessed and thankful for you.

Tracks 1 and 2 recorded and mixed at Eight+Sixteen/Trax East Recording Studio in South River, NJ.
Tracks 3 through 6 recorded at RJ’s in Windermere, FL. Mixed by Simpul Studios.
Track 7 recorded and mixed at Freehold Recording Studios, Freehold, NJ.
All tracks mastered by Sef Idle at Simpul Studios.
Bass on tracks 1 and 2 by Brian Fischer, background vocals on “The Company We Keep” and “Where I Stand” by Sef Idle.


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Slow It Down
It’s way too easy to lose ourselves in all the busyness from day to day
This time is our time, we do what we want with it, doesn’t matter what we say
Flying ahead at a high rate of speed, to the clock we have found ourselves bound
But the thing we need’s to stop all this running, we’ve gotta stop and slow it down

Slow it down, slow it down
You’ll run yourself into the ground if you don’t stop and slow things down
And spend some time with Him right now
Slow it down, slow it down

The world’s demanding your time and you’re losing ground every time that you give in
Your time’s so precious, you can’t get it back, once it’s gone you won’t see it again
So many distractions competing for time with the One who really matters most
It’s time we wake up and get serious bout the faith we say we hold so close
Track Name: This Fire
There’s a call we have to answer, for the Hope that calls us home
There’s an answer for the broken, for the desperate and alone
How can we all remain silent, can we keep this to ourselves?
With the hurt we see around us, how can we not feel compelled

Don’t close your eyes to all this, don’t close your eyes

Take this fire to the world, to the ones we’re called to serve
Stand up, step out, sing it loud, let’s make it loud
Take this fire to the world, to the ones we’re called to serve
Stand up, step out, sing it loud, let’s make it loud

We have seen and we have tasted and it’s so hard to explain
What we found when we decided we were trusting in Your name
Now we ask You to speak through us to a world that You so love
Give us wisdom, give us boldness, for when push will come to shove
Track Name: The Company We Keep
You’ve gotta watch who you’re letting into
The space around you to call your friends who hang out with you
Some will mislead you, straight up deceive you
To do what they do, they think it’s cool, what will you do?

Cuz I’ve seen it time after time, it’s up to you, whatever you decide
There’s nowhere for you to run and hide, where will you side?

Bad company corrupts integrity
Watch who you’re killing time with, are they what they seem?
And it’s something sad to see
To watch some walk away from what they once had said that they believed

Thank God for friends who won’t up and leave you
For those who listen, those who love you and pray for you
When you need the truth, they’ll give it to you
They won’t be scared to let you know something you need to
Track Name: Hope For The Hopeless
Some days feel like a waste where nothing ever goes right
Some days you’re on your game, but empty on the inside
It always seems the same, no matter what the day
Don’t even wanna try and nothing really feels ok
It’s time like this the fight feels lost, but really means the most
When there’s so much that’s on the line and losing feels so close
Where is the will to fight? Is it even inside?
It’s hard to hear, but you gotta stoke the flame inside

Don’t you quit! Yeah, don’t give up and see that you’re not in this on your own
Stand up! Fight! God won’t give up on you, He’s got your back and won’t let go

Yeah, it’s a fight, you know the battle’s there inside your head
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide to get away from it
You’re trying to break free from this insanity
But the thing is, you keep trying to in your own strength
It isn’t hopeless, you should know that there’s a way out
There is a love and there’s a strength to break those chains now
And time and time again, on this you can depend
That if you look for help, in God you’re gonna find it
Track Name: Deceived
I don’t know what it is that made you look at me this way
Something crawled in your heart, tore us apart, nothing’s the same
You walk on by, your head held high, but do you ever think
Bout what you said and what you did, somehow I’m doubting it

But maybe you’re the victim
Maybe you can’t see past these lies that have you so deceived
But try and open up your heart
Try and open up your eyes, destroy this deceit

I tried to let this pass, but I don’t think it’s going to
It hurts to think about the past and all that we’ve been through
But I forgive you for the pain and hurt you put me through
And pray one day you’ll open up your eyes and see the truth
Track Name: Where I Stand
Sometimes I wonder where I’d be if You hadn’t changed my life
And I’m not where I wanna be, but grace makes that alright
And You say I’m on my way, I’m living more like You each day
I’m on my way, I’m not the same, and every day I’m seeing change
And I know I’ve ways to go and even if it’s feeling slow
If I want change that takes a hold, I’ve gotta show it’s worth the wait

And some days it’s not so easy

You’ve begun this work in me, it’s a work You’re perfecting
And I know that I will be the way You see me
And I’ll live the best I can, no, it won’t be easy and
I won’t always understand, this is where I stand

Some people try and bring you down cause of how you live your life
They tell you that they know better than you and you ain’t got it right
And You say I’m on my way, I’m living more like You each day
I’m on my way, I’m not the same, and every day I’m seeing change
And I know I’ve ways to go and even if it’s feeling slow
If I want change that takes a hold, I’ve gotta show it’s worth the wait
Track Name: R.I.P. (Early Demo)
I still remember the day you passed away
And I remember all those things you used to say
And though I know that you are gone now from my life
I promise now to you that I’ll live my life right

I wish that you could know I’ll never forget you
And I’ll remember you in everything I do

And though you’re gone from me, I’ll hold you in my heart
This way I know that you and I will never part
I know that one day I’ll see you again
All I have left are my memories until then

And now I’m glad to see you’re no longer in pain
It’s hard to believe things may never be the same
I see you in my dreams, I see you in my thoughts
Who do I turn to now? My God, I feel so lost