Last Place

by Must Build Jacuzzi

Last Place 00:19
Verse 1: Driving home on a Thursday screaming out to the songs on the same CD that I’ve had stuck in my car. Maybe I’ll change it this week. Sometimes it’s too hard to find the motivation to do anything. I’ve had it up to here with this apathy. I’d better break out now before it kills me. But when you’ve moved away from the place that you call home and you’re trying to make sense of this life. (Chorus) Every time I have to drive on that bridge over state lines these street lights and highway signs all around me let me know to keep my head held high and rise above all the negative things. Above all the negative things in my life that try to break me. Nothing that you say can take me down. Verse 2: I don’t want to see my town grow up without me, but I admit that there are some days that I feel like a ghost..Invisible to the rest of the world (Chorus) Every time I have to drive on that bridge over state lines these street lights and highway signs all around me let me know to keep my head held high and rise above all the negative things. Above all the negative things in my life that try to break me. Nothing that you say can take me down.
Out on the road again with 20 dollars and a van of my best friends looking for somewhere for me to rest my head tonight. I don’t care if this drive feels like forever because the end’s in sight. We woke up in the van again in the parking lot of a Buc-ee’s gas station. We’ll kill time in coffee shops and record stores in town before the show starts. Bill bought a salad from a Walmart. I should let you know I’ve still got life left in these bones for another fight. (I’ll sleep when I’m dead and gone) (Chorus) Give me a reason to write these words in the lines of a song that will never be heard. I guess it’s fine for a guy like me to dream of a life beyond the machine. I never said that I would be fine. (bridge) 500 miles from home in the 309. I wouldn’t trade these guys for anything else in life. If the last thing we ever do is play a show for 20 people in a basement than I know, our time is now.
I wish you told me sooner so I wouldn’t have wasted my time ‘cause everything I thought we shared, I guess it was only mine. I wish you told me that everything I did and said was wrong then I would have known we don’t belong together, whatever. I don’t ever want to see your face again. I don’t want to try and still be friends. I’m not bitter I swear. (Chorus) I wish you told me…I wish you told me sooner I wish you told me how she and I we didn’t really fit, you probably wouldn’t listen even a bit, because I’m dumb. (Bridge) And if I ever see you again, I’ll walk by in silence. You’re not my friend or anything that I thought you were. I’m just angry at myself for changing for you.
Smoke Rings 03:02
A square table and a cloudy head, you’re drifting further from your friends. Last I remember I thought you were set to graduate, but I can see that you’ve got other plans lying in wait. I heard you dropped out, threw your life to the wind, and left your town. I wish the very best luck to ya kid. I get if that’s just the way that you want to live, ‘cause I believe in a God who longs to forgive. (Chorus) Why can’t you see, you’re dying in front of me. Why don’t you know the one who’s known you this whole time. I’ll remember you as you were before you threw this all away. You accuse the other people who aren’t living by your own set of rules and your life style. I blame the devil for twisting what you knew was true, but I’ve still got your back I won’t give up on you. (bridge) your time...your move…this is your chance to prove. I saw you shouting, praising a savior. Now you’re walking the world with blank stares.
I’m getting flashbacks out of 2003, at a younger me on the playground taking to Reese. We asked ourselves what we wanted to be when we both grew up. I never thought that even now, I still don’t know. There used to be a playground where the shopping mall now stands, and the dirt road that we used to get there is covered in concrete and empty soda cans. We chalked up the blacktop, swam across the lake. We rode our bikes around the block until it got too late. My friends are changing more than I think I am. (Chorus) If my 12 year old me, met my current self, would I see what I wanted or somebody else. Every time that I pass by the corner of Second Street and Main, I see a kid with fire in his eyes. They look a lot like mine, or at least they used to. Help me. I am not the same kid I was then, remembering places in my hometown that I’ll never see again. We drove down the same roads that lead us home all those years ago. (Bridge) Lately things are working out. Maybe I could come back home.
All is quiet in the halls not a sound or a whisper at all, but the blood stains on the floor tell the tale of last night’s events. The next day the morning paper read “The Man Who Owned The Mansion On The Hill Was Found Dead” “Who could have done this?” they said. So he took to the streets with his brief case in hand straight to New York City without a job or a plan. His wife took the kids and the house by the lake and left him with nothing. How could this be fate? When out from an alley two men in black suits made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, a new life by the gun and a new name. When you’re desperate you’ll do anything. He sold his soul to the devil. (Chorus) Run and run while you still can cause once they’ve sucked you in they’ll bleed you dry and they won’t stop till you’re dead. The next few months they turned to years and by then his wallet multiplied along with the bullets. And when he’d had enough he left the mob and fled to the countryside he never knew this was the end. Then a knock on the door one stormy night and a shot through the window ends his life. (bridge) You did this to yourself.
Is it so easy that, we’re all just playing the part? When personal consciousness will start to tear you apart, but everything’s different now. We’ve grown up we’ve changed and we go our own ways and if it’s any consolation, you’re the first to go. (Chorus) And we will never break. This world is falling even faster than I think I can take. Look around yourself and tell me everything’s fine. Take your promises, take them to the ground. (Bridge) We will never break.
And I hope you know those seeds you sow. They’re gonna grow, so let’s go. I was thinking to myself just the other day. What happened to the guys in my life who taught me to pray. I know it’s easy, to fall away. Don’t do as I do, but do as I say. It’s so easy don’t you know. Your convictions let ‘em go. It’s so easy can’t you see? Drop all you have and follow me. (Chorus) When did we decide to change the way that we live our lives? Did we just let it happen while we stood by? Everything that once was easy now seems so strange. If we change than who are we? Who are you? Who is me? I don’t know how to play this game. And if I seem to fall behind, will you leave me and mine? I’m just trying to stay sane.
5th floor of a parking deck on a cold November looking out to a city that’s so grey wondering what’s cloudier, is it the sky, or is it me? 2017 left a hole in me and I’ve tried to patch it up. But I still feel just as empty. The rest is probably lying somewhere in Southern Illinois. I wish that sometimes I could tune myself out and see life with open eyes. But if time heals all wounds, then tell my why am I still bleeding? (Chorus) You can find me lying face up on my bed with the windows down and my blankets sprawled out all over the floor, and if there’s a chance for me to pull myself together, I don’t know if I would. I still remember when I came home, when I came home to a low lit dormatory with the light bulb blinking in and out. I still remember when I had my head buried in my hands asking God why me. I put my faith in things unseen, and I still believe. But this weight it drags me down and leaves me broken in last place. We all fall into a state of passiveness. I just want to be strong and leave my doubts to rest. (Bridge) But these winter skies are getting colder. I don’t know if I could go outside again. Each and every year we’re getting older, so then I’d rather live my life instead. I’ve spent too long thinking about what if and what should have been. The people in my life might start to see a different side of me. I’m sick of running from the things I fear. I’m never perfect, but I know that this year...(I’ll be stronger moving onward. I won’t back down this time) I feel alive.
Music time is over. We’ve had so much fun. Music time is over. We’ve had so much fun making this album for you. Goodbye listeners we’ve had so much fun. Goodbye listeners. Thank you for checking out our album.


The brand new long awaited full length from Illinois Ska-Punkers, Must Build Jacuzzi is finally here! The band mixes equal parts "Punk", "Ska", and "Hardcore" together to create one heck of a fine concoction. Some may refer to it as "ska-core" but I'll just call it GOOD MUSIC. Check out "Last Place" and make sure to support these guys this summer at a show near you.

Formed in a whirlpool of musical influences in central Illinois cornfields, Must Build Jacuzzi runs rampant with a wild live show and a unique take on the ska/punk genre. With influences from bands like Five Iron Frenzy to The Chariot and beyond, MBJ gives their all into their music, playing fast and fun for anyone who will hear them. To truly understand, ditch your inhibitions, jump in the pit, and start dancing!

If you enjoy the sounds of Five Iron Frenzy, Streetlight Manifesto, Mustard Plug, Four Year Strong, We Are The Union, The Story So Far, or even Less Than Jake, you’ll find something to appreciate in Must Build Jacuzzi.


released April 27, 2018

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