Going Home

by Quick and the Dead

If this is the beginning then i'll gladly start to find my way but if this is the end then it seems i'm lost again cause all that i want is to be home with you by my side by me please come home
Don't you give me no lip now, cause it's in your hands We get by, by making demands Don't say you wanna end up with, with me in your arms You'll be the one that tears us apart But i believed that we could make it through the storm when you have been waiting and i'm too long Don't think the grass is always greener on the other side If you can't find out where your heart belongs don't think the grass is always greener on the other side Don't you worry about failure, take your time, we won't make it by falling behind If there ever was a time for, for an apology Here's the time it's in front of me
You'll be the one that brings me down, till you got what you want I'll be the one that doesn't care until my work is done We are the ones that fail every time we try It's hard to believe in him when you're barely scraping by We've got what we want when we're on his shoulders It's easy to believe in him We've got what we want when we're on his shoulders We take advantage of him I'll be the one to curse your name till I get what I want You'll be the one to give me things just because of your love We hope you understand we don't deserve your grace We are your humble servants when we're in a dark place
I have been waiting on answers answers that never came I've wasted time now i'm fallin' behind and i've only got myself to blame People will spend their lives waiting To never realize it's their's for the taking They'll bang their heads and they'll wonder what happened when they look to the end and realize there's no future You will break their hearts cause I believe you will break their hearts And I know if there is no reason for living, then i'll take my chances with death I'd rather bury my soul then to ever lose control of my Faith it's possible but then i know that'd mean nothing I've been holding on to a dream that I know is right for me
Integrity 03:12
Behind the lies and everything you say to disguise There is so much more, I'm waiting for And when the seasons change and rearrange the way you look at everything are you listening to me It's like having ideas shot down when you've worked hard To get to the top cause it's where you want to be It's like realizing your life's a mess cause you've wasted time on integrity Behind the truth there's very little to define It's so simple what are you waiting for With any luck you'll see that there is only mystery in front of you it's what you do Don't forfeit integrity
Don't you know, you think you'd know The price of communication, a price you hold so dear But if you'd show, if you'd show an ounce of appreciation then i won't live in fear I thought i'd relate this far what for When I don't know who you are anymore But if you knew the things I think about the things you do Then maybe you wouldn't do them And if you cared, about the lives you have affected, then maybe you wouldn't do this
Shipwrecked 03:38
Up on the deck where the party rages on and the people will have a good time But below the surface of the waters thought calm, there is something they're about to find First it hit starboard they fleed to the scene It would appear that maybe they'd run aground But as the captain shouted out "men we hit ice" Man the sails cause we're going down and how will know if the captain has left him below Cause I see some land and i know we need to get there They signaled for help and they shot up their flares and the sky lit up red in the night But it was hopeless as they took on water and the people panicked with a fright The shipwreck was bad but we knew he'd stay true as they watched themselves sink into blue Women and children first and he would stay last but nobody wanted him to
Up on my surface, my exterior I seem fine but i'm a lie You wouldn't know that I am ready to explode You think I try my best to hold in regret But you don't see the rest cause you're too busy leading your own life But I'll do better I swear i'll try No i'll do better I swear i'll try This is not real This is not what I wanted This is your song what you want I can't believe that i've wasted breath and time writing it down
You should know by now that this feeling won't get old You should know by now that the sea water is cold If our love is strong then it means that we belong And if they say otherwise then i believe they're wrong That's why I said it's hard to believe that you took a chance on me If we are firm in him then we can't fail anytime No matter how hard we try he's always by our side When we think he has disappeared he is always there You should know by now that our love is pure and if we work real hard then we will persevere And if we reach the top i'll pray that we'll stay there Cause we've worked this hard and it is only fair
She's poisonous all dressed in white and disguised like she's not the one Who kills you and leaves you But i'm alive I'm the one who was caught in the middle of your webs and lies, tonight In the end everything comes around She's the one who's world renowned and she always brings you down In the end everything goes her way she's a queen without a crown and she's waiting to be found She gets at you Pretends she's the victim whil your veins bleeding through and replaced with venom I can't make it stop you're not willing to own up to anything Admit you're wrong Tonight
As I wait I begin to understand the plan, you've laid in front of me As I walk at a distance from myself I see that life's still waiting We run away cause we believe nothing this time Don't you know that you've gotta believe And we love what we want but there's nothing that makes us this way Don't you know that you've gotta believe, Gotta believe As I fall I begin to understand and believe that life's still waiting As I stand I begin to see the plan that you have But will I follow And we believe time will bring on answers to the questions we have and we're doing fine believe in me
I am lost but I know I'm never given more than I can handle But it seems like this is too much I am wrong or I'm right It doesn't matter I am so so sick of this fight and I would gladly give up But it's all I have and I am holding on And there is a reason to believe that maybe I have been wandering And it seems that I have lost my flock I'm ashamed and I am weak, oh God without you I am nothing Will you please help me find my way There is a reason to believe
Going Home 04:15
You've gotta know when they say it's over now It's over when they say You've gotta know when they say it's over now To just back down But I won't back down cause it's all up to me now I've got nothing to fear I'm on my way I'm going home You've got what you want just leave me alone I'm going home I've gotta feel like my time is wearing thin cause i've been lying Too much at stake and I act like nothing is impossible But I know that there's nothing too impossible


IVM009. Released in late 2007 (but officially in early 08') on Indie Vision Music. Alt-Punk that would please fans of The Used, My Chemical Romance, Saosin.

I fell in love with this band upon hearing some demos back in 2005 and was actually pointed to this band by the guys in Anthym (Now Midnight Hour). I followed them for a few years and immediately asked them if I could carry their “Consider Your Options” CD in the IVM Store back in 06′. Shortly after, I decided (without really thinking it through) to “re-launch” the Indie Vision Music label and signed Quick and the Dead. I released “Going Home” in late 2007 on the Indie Vision Music label. As you may have guessed, the label this time around, didn’t last long either, and I quit doing it right after the release of this album and Hearts Bleed Passion Vol. 3, the final release by the “label”. I didn’t have the best of luck at finding touring bands, and soon after this release, another band called it quits. “Going Home” was produced by Shane Gould and mastered by Troy Glessner up at Spectre Studios in Seattle.

Shane Gould, frontman/guitarist/songwriter, is one of the most prolific songwriters I’ve ever had the chance of knowing. This guy writes an insane amount of music and records it all himself with his own equipment. There was a Quick and the Dead album actually released between “Consider Your Options” and “Going Home” called “The Perfect Plan in Imperfect Hands” but the band shelved that album for reasons I’m not entirely sure of. Shane is now involved in The Animal in Me. Has also written songs with The Threats, Audiomonster, and the Mendelson name.


released January 1, 2008

Recorded at MH Studios in Pleasanton, CA.
Produced and Mixed by Shane Gould
Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Mastering
Art direction and design by Kerry Gould


Shane Gould's new projects:


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