False Memory Syndrome

by Light The Way

Bruh 00:42
The man in the mirror comes in so much clearer when I stand further from comfortable
Please leave a message, I’m not in right now I’m lost in my head. I’ll get back to you when this storm calms down and the sailing’s smooth. My eyes glaze over like a zombie I can’t be all I can be in this one man army. No victory when the intel’s faulty. I’m my own worst enemy. I got lost on this feeling, I fell through the ceiling. Gang way this ship is going down, down, down. I bought into what they said, I built it up in my head. I went looking for answers where they’re never found. My heart - I can’t trust it, and my brain is super maladjusted. I got ADD - they can’t seem to focus. Attempts at inner peace seem hopeless. I have that gamblers remorse, I bet my heart on the wrong horse. I take this as a lesson learned. I played with fire and I got burned. But the truth is: I am so loved. Paid for in blood.
Thrillhouse 02:37
I’m lacking direction. Do you have a suggestion? Cause if these black eyes could say anything it’s that I sure could use one. I don’t wanna follow the same script, if there’s one course then I’m jumping ship. I just wanna know where I fit in the Almighty’s plan. I made my bed and now I’ll lay in it, so let’s get one thing straight: I’m here to stay for the long haul but it’s all I can do to not just walk away. Patience was not my default but it’s my responsibility. I’m tired of learning lessons the hard way. Give me patience to walk not by sight, but faith. I know I can’t see the endgame, I know now things seem super lame. My whole world becomes circumstance and I play the blame game.
She broke my heart and I want justice. Frontier style is fine as long as she gets the message. I wanna see her super bummed and friendless, cause for some weird reason it makes me feel better. Cause my hearts been broken. You don't even know what it feels like.You couldn’t if you tried. And yeah, my friends are calling me crazy but what do they know anyway? Cause we’ve all have been lied to our face, and we’ve all said things we wish erased. Let’s move on - heart’s filled with grace, cause we’re all charter members of the BRKN heart’s club. I broke her heart and she wants revenge. Wants to hear me squeal like a rusty door hinge. She wants to see me drowning in misery, cause for some weird reason it makes her feel better. Cause her heart's been broken You don't even know what it feels like. You couldn’t if you tried. And yeah, her friends are calling her crazy but what do they know anyway?
Brain Rot 02:49
I am trying oh so hard to be the bigger man and just smile and nod. Breath it in collect my thoughts keep my anger dull and my words soft. I need my vision checked cause right now all I can see is red. Need to find a way to deal with stress-ers cause the only thing up is my blood pressure. Yeah I’m bummed but I don’t wanna stay here. Yeah I’m pissed but I don’t wanna live inside this mess. Life’s too short and plus my heart can’t take it won’t burn out I’ll pick my battles. I won’t die on this hill. Let my emotions run their course and then get over it. I’m emotional bro you don’t even know. Beneath this calm demeanor my thoughts get a whole lot meaner. If I hold this anger in my heart it winds up doing me more harm than if I just suck it up and put my big boy pants on. At the end of the day all I can really say is that I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I was just thinking of myself put your feelings on the shelf. I’m a work in progress. A work in progress
Veritas 03:14
I've come to terms - verified the facts. Head's out of the clouds, I'm so over that. Thrown up my hands because it's all I can do. I've wracked my brain - psychoanalyzed. Just trying to sift through the lies. Thrown up my hands because it's all I can do. Easily distracted I just side-tracked it, and now I'm lost again. Hanging onto my pride, I'm backing the wrong side, working my way back. And I know, letting go has never felt so scary but I know, that my life is in Your hands. I try and fight it, tell you that it's my life and that I'll live it for me, myself and I the best way I see right. But if I'm being honest, I couldn't be more lost with myself at the helm of this sinking ship. My pride an anchor around my neck.
Still Edge 02:34
Twenty-eight and I'm still standing strong I've been straight edge all along and I have zero plans of living any other way don’t care what you say and yeah, I take pride in how I live my life It may not be for you but it’s the right choice for me even when I was sixteen was never really down on the party scene I just never got into it I’m already over it there’s nothing for me there never felt like I had to mask it keep this vow close to my heart until they dump me in a casket It never fails to amuse the tone of shock - look so confused I don’t think I’m better than you I just don’t live the way you do I guess I’ll never understand your point of view first hand so let’s agree to disagree but this is the right life for me It’s not about the X It’s not about the X It’s a positive change I made for myself
Holy Ghost 03:27
For years now, I’ve been chasing ghosts In this haunted house I call my home These monsters have got me on the run And I can hear them say: “You’re not good enough - you’ll never mean anything to anyone, anyway.” There’s a light In the dark There’s a burning in my heart It’s hard to see myself The way You do There’s a voice In the void A calling I cannot avoid I am Your lost son but I am so loved But most days are better than the others I find distractions keep away the bummer But when the world slows down and the lights go off I’m left to bare-knuckle box with my demons in the dark Oh dear God; Oh dear God Let me never forget When it seemed hopeless You never left You picked me up When I was facedown in my own mess For years now, I’ve been chasing ghosts In this haunted house I call my home I’m at the door with matches and gasoline The only way to You is at the end of me
Everyone is going places. Everyone except me that is. I’m stuck inside this prison In my head of my own creation. Everyone is getting married, buying houses, cranking out kids. I’m stuck back at square one trying to muster up the courage to talk to her. Instead I’m going home defeated. It’s like I’m seventeen stuck inside a twenty eight year old body. And I feel like I’ve been left behind, but I’m just scared of change. I wanna move on but I, don’t wanna just for the sake of saying I moved on, when everything and everyone feels so wrong. A un-super trooper, party-pooper, I’m moving at a sloth pace. But I’ve got to stick to my guns and trust in the process. An always ready, steady eddy for better or for worse, man. Keep my eyes eternity minded. Define what success is. Is this caution or am I just afraid? I do not like change or taking leaps of faith. I don’t need all the answers to everything as long as You’re here with me.


Now available for Pre-Order is this exciting new full length from Nor Cal based Pop-Punk band, Light The Way. This band mixes up energetic and aggressive guitars, fast paced drums, and melodic sensibilities to make one heck of an awesome combo. If you haven't heard these guys yet you sure will in 2018!

This is a PRE-ORDER. All preorders on CD come with a Light The Way "False Memory Syndrome" sticker and free sampler cd.

Album to be released March 30th 2018.

“False Memory Syndrome is a collection of songs that dig into the false ideas that we buy into and believe, and go forward with our lives as though they were true. It’s a struggle that we all go through & though we do have Hope, this record is very much a hand on the shoulder and a “I’m going through that too,” to the listener. The burden isn’t quite as bad when you know you’re not alone.” - Light The Way


released March 30, 2018

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Produced by Robert Swanson for Mayhemeness Studios



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