Devils In The Details

by Craig's Brother



Indie Vision Music is proud to present the long-awaited new ep from much loved melodic punk band, Craig’s Brother. These 5 songs are some of the most energetic and passionate songs the band has ever done, with a real sense of urgency. If you dig current and past material from a variety of melodic punk bands like No Use For a Name, Bad Religion, Much The Same, MUTE, Lagwagon, A Wilhelm Scream, and even Rise Against, then you’ll instantly be a fan of this. Songs of hope, searching for meaning, questioning, and that political fire starter (Maintaining Destiny) all rolled up into one incredible release from start to finish.

I am thrilled to release this much anticipated new release from legendary (and dare I say, infamous) punk band, Craig’s Brother. I have been a fan of this band since the moment I heard “Homecoming” on Tooth & Nail back in 98’. The band has come a long way over the years releasing the influential follow up “Lost at Sea” (2001/Tooth & Nail), “Epidemic” Ep (2004/Takeover Records), “The Insidious Lie” (2011/Independent) and now this 5 song ep. I am an instant fan and I believe so many other fans of the genre, heck, rock in general, will appreciate it too. This my friends is Craig’s Brother!” – Brandon Jones/IVM

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released May 3, 2019

Ted Bond - Vocals
Scott Hrapoff - Bass
Steven Neufeld - Guitar/Vocals
Justin “Juice” Cabrera - Drums

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Danny Balistocky at Rev 9 Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA. Mastered at The Blasting Room

Craig's Brother is back in 2019 with a new EP brought to you by Indie Vision Music. Based in Santa Cruz California, Craig's Brother has long been recognized as one of the most innovative and groundbreaking bands in melodic punk rock. Formed in 1995 Craig's Brother quickly gained recognition for their shredding riffs, and their unmatched melodies and lyrical content, all performed at break-neck speed. Their first full length record, Homecoming, was released to international acclaim on Tooth and Nail Records in 1998. And In 2001, the band took California punk into uncharted territory with the release of their 2nd full length, Lost at Sea. Craig's Brother's sound has been profoundly influential on a number of bands, most notably Yellowcard, whose lead singer and guitar player, Ryan Key, spent six months playing with CB before joining Yellowcard. After releasing the Epidemic EP on Takeover Records in 2004, Craig's Brother went on to play sold-out shows, touring in Canada with Mute and in the eastern USA with Yellowcard, The Starting Line, and The Matches. After a 7 year hiatus Craig's Brother returned in 2011 to self-release their third full length The Insidious Lie. Produced by Kyle Black, The Insidious Lie was met with critical acclaim and is considered by many to be the band's masterpiece. In 2017 the band raised the funds to record more and released the song Meilynn's song. Now the band is following through on their promises by releasing a five song EP this December with Indie Vision Music. The current line features original members Ted Bond, and Scott Hrapoff, as well as Glade Wilson, Juice Cabrera (Hey Mike!), and Steven Newfeld (Hey Mike, This Legend, and Brookhurst).


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Track Name: Follow Your Heart
May you always be the brave one
May all your dreams be great ones
However near or far
May life present you open doors
May love and joy and hope be yours
No matter who you are
No matter what your art
Mei, you follow your heart


Oh, May your relationships succeed
May you have all the friends you need
May you find passion in the paths that move you
Oh When you’re knocked down and lost within
May you find strength to rise again
May you find comfort in the ones who love you
Cause in this land of broken dreams
The truths not always what it seems
May you see things as they are
May you always stand your ground
Don’t let the masses wear you down
Remember from the start
You’ve always stood apart
Mei, you follow your heart


And may you never grow tired
May you always be inspired
May you know what you desire
May you set the world on fire
With words of unvarnished power

Track Name: Maintaining Destiny
We took this land by brute force
And now we plan to close our doors
We’ll build a fence and defend what is ours
Bless my stars its not easy
Its a full time responsibility
Maintaining Destiny
The threat that faces us wont wait
We need a neofascist state
Were gonna make America great
Its a job, its not easy
Theres no place for the weak in the knees
Maintaining Destiny
We took this land by brute force
And now we plan to close our doors
We’ll build a wall and defend it with fire
For the flag, for the empire,
For the white, for the wealthy,
For our god, for our country
For the man with the Captal T
Maintaining Destiny
Track Name: Lifetime of Regret
There's no worth to these words if I can't
finally make you understand my situation
I don't want to have lead a lifetime of regret
waiting for you to figure out here, now is where you belong


Once in a lifetime a chance comes along
But in your sense of plans the right time is wrong
Boxed in by Toxins held captive by fear
if its hurting you so much why are you here?
Cause you're wasting my time if your once in a lifetime isn't clear
right now, right here

There's a chance there's still hope there's a way
pull your head out of the darkness you call home
There's no rules, there's no plans
Life is in your hands and I'm waiting


Whoa if you're not enough its not enough
to be sorry for your sins
you're hurting your friends, wasting away
but I love you anyway and I'm right here

There's a chance there's still hope there's a way
There's some worth to these words that I say

Track Name: Harry Vs. Mount Saint Helens
Something wicked something strange
Some sudden barometric change
The smell of sulfer in the wind
So it begins, my only friends
I can feel it in my knee
This one will be the end of me
Here I’ll make my final stand
This land is my land, this land is mine
I’m not gonna budge this is my sweat and my blood
Be it ash be it mud I’m Harry Truman
No shallow grave my needs wont meet
I’m talkin 300 feet
Ash and mud on top of me
A funeral pyre
Fit for a king
I’m not gonna leave this is my one and only love
Be it fire from above I’m Harry Truman
I’m not gonna budge this is my sweat and my blood
Be it ash be it mud I’m Harry Truman
Ooh and I’m not gonna flee from this mountain
This volcano is my final claim
If my options are death or abandonment
I’m going down in flames
I’m not gonna leave this is my one and only love
Be it fire from above I’m Harry Truman
I’m not gonna budge this is my sweat and my blood
Be it ash be it mud I’m Harry Truman
Track Name: Devils In The Details
The story reads like a transcript of heaven
With sets of seven and bread that’s unleavened
Till the part where they pierce him with the nails
But there’s devils in the details
Straight to hell gone cloistered in your cell
Like I’m speaking glossolalia let me tell ya
Its so strange cause the feel never fails
But there’s devils in the details
Straight away till there’s nothing left to say
Let it spread like mass hysteria did it scare ya?
You can seek just don’t peek behind the veils