Burn The Boats

by Mainframe

I took a hit to the solar plexus It knocked the wind out of me, I thought I Caught the plate of a silver Lexus As it was speeding away And I made inquiries But it wasn't where they said it would be So I tracked it uptown where I found it parked At the city's last Greek cuisine, I kicked the Door down, but before I barked I realized it was only me And as the floor fell and dropped me down to the basement The voice of a morning dove delivered this statement, he said: BURN THE BOATS, BRING YOUR COFFINS TO SHORE THERE'S NO GOING BACK IF WE DON'T WIN THIS WAR I found a way in the classic tactics Along with the new recruits, and when the Day came after years of practice The axe hit the root And as the horns blared and sprung us up to attention The voice of a lion from another dimension cried: BURN THE BOATS, BRING YOUR COFFINS TO SHORE THERE'S NO GOING BACK IF WE DON'T WIN THIS WAR BURN THE BOATS, BRING YOUR COFFINS TO SHORE WE'RE NOT GOING BACK IF WE DON'T WIN THIS WAR Through the thick and through the thin Flying high or in deep intrigue Marching on or bunkered in There was advance in the fatigue Through the fire and through the storm In the tents or on alert On watch in pitch black for the morn The gains were worth the hurt And as the clouds broke and gave new life to the fallen The voice of a father came softly calling, he said: WELL DONE, I WAS WITH YOU
I’m always looking for the right word I’m ever confident I’d know it if I heard It whispered from the back of a crowded auditorium It’s forever there, firmly fixed in heaven But somehow on earth it’s gotten muffled out in such a bad, bad way I’m always looking for the right turn I try to draw upon the lessons that I’ve learned From all the dead ends, side streets, and mapless expeditions in the fog It was good for me that I was afflicted you see Cuz I got to learn your statutes and see your love all at the same time We will never ever stray from Your ways as you’ve revealed them in the volume of scripture and in our lives God, your grace has set in motion The graded steps to united depths and a life of undivided devotion But I will hold fast to your Law Though the wicked call normal the deranged I will praise you in the midnight hours No matter how much things have changed
Peter 04:19
I smelled a rat early on Among the twelve I could be wrong But when he leaned in to kiss my Lord I was the first to pull the sword Not me my Lord, though rabbits in the rush All turned tail and scattered in the brush It got cold in time, I can’t deny The charcoals weren’t warm But when the cock crowed thrice I turned to ice and thought back to the storm Call me out Lord, no one else would go and You reached out and took ahold of a sinking man The demons fled to swine I saw the water turned to wine But when the dogs would eat the crumbs I knew the Son of Man had come What’s this I’ve done? I said I’d never eat You bent down and took a towel and stooped to wash my feet The old men have dreamed the dreams The young have seen the flame descend The tigers ridicule the filled But it’s only 9AM I think it’s time we tell the tale, the truth, The news, the history The crowd is waiting for a glimpse into the holy mystery Into which angels long to look The Son of God we all mistook But when the serpent struck his heel It was the plan of God revealed No longer sealed, the sheep who strayed the fold Have now returned to the shepherd and overseer of their souls Yoked to the ox we lumber on The muddy furrows must be sown We stand in faith and all await the building up of living stones To see him thrown, the dragon in the pit And hope that instinct-driven monkeys could somehow reach repentance Come quickly, Lord! Riding a white horse! We count your patience as salvation Find us unspotted and at peace We love you Lord! Made us reborn! Into a living hope through your resurrection You kept the treasure safe in heaven, Lord!
There was such a time when regrets defined my life I could not forget about my past Strung out on a limb, I got me in the mess I’m in Repercussions had left me out of gas That was the game I played, now I pay We all know right from wrong, Sin it kills us all, not anymore Not me, I’m not your slave Just go away, yeah don’t ever come another day God what have I done, I don’t want to be what I’ve become An adolescent with his life undone It’s not too late to change, I won’t go back to yesterday Pray tomorrow will be a better day
I spent a long time going around Trying to figure out what was going on downtown Thinking if I kept a hold of the reins That somehow I would be affecting change But now I know it’s just a dog and pony show And as I let go it’s gonna keep on going where it wanted to go I spent a lot of time trying to get along And shaking hands with the ones writing the songs Thinking if I appeared enough on stage That somehow I’d end up on the front page (as if that even mattered) All along, without me Going on, before I was ever there On and on, without me And I’m telling you now that I just don’t care It don’t need me holding on I’m all through being dragged along I’ve got a higher calling, got a place to be I’ve got bigger dreams, got a destiny
Shrink Ray 03:58
Thirteen years of R&D Fourteen thousand trillion in hard currency They put the brightest and the best Up to the world’s greatest test To invent the most powerful tool in all history Shrink ray, the object was simple Shrink ray, the motivation clear It took all our time and money, now the future is here Thirteen years of bargaining Credits, bonds, and loans, and hard marketing To get the populace on board Seeking the world’s greatest reward To invest in the most potent tool in all history They didn’t point it at the warring state They didn’t think to zap the problem of hate They didn’t point it at the national debt They didn’t target the apocalyptic threat We knew from the start it could only be fired one time Just one chance to get in our sights what we’d minimalize To be rid of the terror of mankind’s artery clot From the beginning we only ever had one shot Shrink ray, we’ve got a camel in the crosshairs Shrink ray, gonna shrink this sucker down and send him through the eye of a needle So we can all go on It took all our time and money We spent all our time and money It cost all our heart and soul, now the future is here
In love and purity against the tide Upon a choppy summer vestiture A placid boat abides In strength and fortitude braving the murk Beneath the darkest eyes of carrion She carries on alert They said he’s gone, they said he’s lost at sea If not a coral ripping wreck, then surely mutiny The captain’s gone, they say he lost his mind In search of treasures never seen, he left his home behind In will and poverty deaf to the force Of manacles and siren songs The captain holds the course In truth and certainty enduring breaks Atop a minatory white cap found The vessel never quakes In strain and weariness the beacon pleas Within the deluge of the hurricane She cannot see the beam In hope and providence arriving sure Into the hands of satisfied reception Stately on the shore


7 Songs, 32 minutes. A unique punk rock experience from a band out of the far east.

Mainframe is a four-piece punk rock band bound together in the pursuit of what’s right. Members Noah (vox, guitar), Naomi (bass), Drew (drums), and Rachel (guitar, BGVs) met up in the Far East, where they decided to join up and send a shout out to the world.

Mainframe’s self-titled EP brought the ruckus with melodic new school tunes, big guitars, and unforgettable stories.

The band’s hard and fast follow-up “Burn the Boats” holds the line with unrelenting riffs and driving melodies. These seven songs speak of lessons learned and unshakable faith in the context of a world that’s always been otherworldly.

Rachel’s desperate harmonies come together with Noah’s in-your-face hooks, all to the pace of Drew’s tight beatz. Naomi keeps us steady with a sometimes surprising low-end.

International guitar hero Demetrio Scopelliti handles the metal axe-work for “Peter,” a song based on the life and writings of the apostle.

Raise a fist with Mainframe as we commit to the mission, infiltrate the superstructure, and end up stately on the shore.


released April 13, 2018

Purchase on CD:

"Don't Look Back" originally performed by Value Pac
"Peter" features Demetrio Scopelliti on lead guitar



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