Better Eat Your Wheaties

by Grandpa Loves Rhinos

you dragged him down into a wishing well i guess it’s your wish to hide him under the water it refracts your face and contracts a space some distance aside from all others I won’t follow in and I won’t throw money my 2 cents won’t help you here plus the water’s lookin chili and I don’t wanna mess up my hair could it be that what i need is just a little nudge along? cuz i could use a “3,2,1” so, guess i’ll dive in slow with risk of drowning underneath aqua man, if i find you, you better help me breath no scuba gear and 2000 years king the 7 seas and creatures of the deep you’re so misunderstood they setup a zoo submariner zombies and ghouls lets find atlantis before the robots do you need to help me breath when you drank his blood did you, did you become like aquaman or did you turn into another underwater vampire
on the hood of a buick sippin cold hot chocolate in old new mexico, hot air balloons they light their flames, rise in the east with the sun the same its just the two of us watching the show i think i see darth vader, basket below his respirator a cow and dragon dragging his tail but just when you turn to speak, your muscles get weak and I wake up from my little dream sometimes when i sleep, i dream an old memory so we can still do, what we used to do where’d you run to? are you with the mountains and huckleberries? why does it feel so much colder in January? i know this vest is so very unnecessary but i swear it feels so much colder in january legos on the floor, bedtime stories at the door travel gifts and hooty hoots, with brown Sorel winter boots but just when you turn to laugh your voice it slurs and cracks and i wake up from my little nap sometimes when i sleep, I dream new memories and imagine again, what we could have been
Kung-Fu Grip 03:30
my left eye is twitching nervously twistin my hair there’s a monkey on my back he’s in pocket stealing my air we’ve had some good times but now you’ve gotta go and i don’t need you no i don’t need you no i really don’t need you there never was a monkey i mean, ya know….until recently, cuz caffeine and nicotine used to be green beans and ovaltine now i thought i was a cowboy but i was just was coward boy if cancer is cinematic you’ll bite my lip and look so dramatic but i’m done now, i don’t need a bit i’m alright with me, i promise there is…. no way you’ll ever get to me again no pain, i didn’t break my legs so i’m done with these crutches away, out of your kung-fu grip clutches cuz i don’t need you no i don’t need you no i really don’t need you buy a ticket for a guilt trip it’s a gamble but it’s snake eyes deadly she’s working me, that killer bee, a poison dart into the monkey start blowing bubbles with my gum it’s sinking in that it’s all done fight the feeling i used to have i don’t wanna be that old stupid me i don’t wanna be like the cool guys in those 70s magazines and I’m not gonna be that old stupid me cuz there’s a killer bee cuz there’s a killer bee that loves me
a simple life, a simple wish a simple death follows a simple kiss and a bugle sounds a flag at ease a boy and girl left wondering and i know, i know, how it could cut your heart make you callus and fall like a dying star so where's the doctor with illness probability if death rolls dice he should roll on me and if death rolls dice i hope he rolls twice two for me and none for you cuz you've got things to do and if death rolls dice i hope he rolls twice none for you and two for me cuz you've got kids to feed a stiff drink, a stash of leaves no wake up time responsibilities so i'll say hello miss, how's your evening that dress is oh so very flattering and if Darby hears the banshee wail, you know the death coach is close in tail
i’ve been studyin' the way you move scooby doo and shaggy both fell through but I finally solved this mystery; here’s a clue dancing in your living room i saw your heart and there's no venom just your heart-stopping, caramel center I decided it would be alright if we dance again tomorrow, and every single day until we die I’m in it for the long game if fate separates the peaches from the cream i’ll be waitin I’m in it for the long game and if fate finds a way i’ll pick the music and you can pick the day underneath some wavy palms on a hammock with drinks, and singing songs we could start a life together its ours, its all ours singing to a 90s song i’ll see your heart and there's no venom just your heart-stopping, caramel center it doesn’t have to be tomorrow but where you go i’ll follow and if you want to dance i’ll meet you on a beach and guarantee that….


The long awaited debut ep from the brotherly duo - Grandpa Loves Rhinos. Indie Vision Music is proud to present the debut ep from the brotherly alt-rock duo - Grandpa Loves Rhinos. Following up the smash hit success of their first single "What We Used To Do" from earlier this year, the fantastic duo is on a mission to win your heart and mind with a sentimental, nostalgic yearning. This action packed ep is filled to the brim with catchy rhythms, unforgettable melodies, and certain sense of charm not found in today's current music climate.

If you're looking for honest music with real heart then look no further than Grandpa Loves Rhinos.

The ep is being released today on IVM (Indie Vision Music) and available through all major Digital Networks and Streaming Sites.

Also on a limited run 4 panel eco-wallet CD through the IVM webstore.


released September 7, 2018

Grandpa Loves Rhinos is comprised of two brothers, Paul (Drums), and Seth Hyde (Guitars, Bass, Drums). Originally rooted in Northern Idaho, their jobs in the Air Force have forced them to live hundreds of miles away from each other separated by mountains, valleys, and creatures of the deep. Although distance plagues Grandpa Loves Rhinos, their desire to create music burns eternal. Using Dropbox, music equipment, and the world wide web, GLR creates music in correspondence. The band is named after their late Grandpa “Rawhide” and their music is a blend of modern rock, pop-punk, and emo. The group creates a sound all their own and are ready to conquer your hearts, minds, and souls with their catchy brand of rock music.

Grandpa Loves Rhinos is:
Seth Hyde – Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Paul Hyde -- Drums

Mastered by Sef at Simpul Studio

Art by Brian Middleton of Colesmith Comics

Grandpa Loves Rhinos
Twitter: @gpalovesrhinos

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